These tops perfectly conceal your body’s weak points

Every woman has her weak spot But with the right top, these are hardly noticeable anymore. Read here how you can conceal your problem areas.

Don’t worry about the small tummy or the strong arms. By choosing the right top, you can get rid of these problems very easily and in no time at all.

How to hide your belly

Longer tops such as long shirts or tunics are perfect for hiding the tummy. A-line dresses or wrap dresses also work wonders. Avoid shiny fabrics. On the other hand, anything that stretches to hide your stomach is good: a V-neckline, zips or vertical stripes, long necklaces or scarves.

How to conceal wide shoulders

Avoid oversized tops! Instead, go for tops with precise cuts that fit well. A V-neckline visually “divides” the upper body and makes even broad shoulders appear narrower. Long chains also have this effect, as do collared blouses. Go for soft, flowing fabrics if you want to hide broad shoulders. Insider tip: One-shoulder tops visually interrupt the shoulder line very well. Here you shop these products!

How to conceal big breasts

Big breasts definitely need a well-fitting bra with wide straps. A V-neck stretches, dark colors hide the problem area well. Turtleneck sweaters or small cutouts, on the other hand, tend to emphasize the breasts. If you want to take your mind off your chest for a business appointment, wear a dark V-neck blouse or top and let a shawl or scarf drape loosely over your bust.

Conceal small breasts

On the other hand, tops with flounces or ruffles at chest height can cheat a bit. In principle, everything that looks like more works: waterfall shirts or tops with appliqués , bows or embroidery are good for making the breasts appear larger. Colorfully patterned shirts distract from the (supposedly) too small breasts.

Conceal thick upper arms

You can hide strong upper arms particularly well with tops that have lace sleeves or flounced sleeves. These should reach about the elbow. Off-the-shoulder tops with flounced sleeves are also great to hide your problem area. The fabric falls perfectly over the upper arms. On the other hand, you should better keep your hands off halter tops.

Conceal thick legs

Yes, even if your legs are a little bigger, you should make sure you choose the right top. While dark pants hide your legs, a cleverly chosen top draws attention to your assets, such as your décolleté. But the color of the upper part is allowed to catch the eye. Eye-catching patterns, ruffles or asymmetrical cuts also distract from the legs. If you conjure up a little “more” “on top” with shoulder pads, ruffles or scarves, your legs will automatically appear narrower in proportion.

In general, everything that is dark appears narrower and is less noticeable. Anything long stretches. Bright colors, flounces or ruffles, on the other hand, attract attention. Therefore, if you want to conceal your problem area, dress in dark colors, with long chains, vertical stripes or V-necks that visually stretch. To do this, emphasize the advantages with more eye-catching colors or cuts in such a way that they automatically attract the viewer’s gaze.

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