These 3 jeans models flatter women over 40 years!

Jeans look great at any age! Many prominent figures in the entertainment industry prove this over and over again. With very simple tricks,  they conjure up brilliant eye-catchers from the blue pants.

Raise your hands if you don’t have jeans in your closet! Hardly will a woman raise their hand in this case. Jeans can be combined with anything and to bring out a glamourous look. Besides, they are also casual and comfortable. And the colour doesn’t always have to be the traditional blue. Today, there are many colour choices for your style. Anthracite, moss green, cherry red – there is hardly a color you can’t buy jeans in. Many fashion-conscious women even have a whole range of hard-wearing women’s trousers in their closet. But with the cut, there is often an end to the joy of experimentation.

However this is not the case with some women who continuously exude their prowess as perfect role model when it comes to jeans variety. They can literally turn almost every jeans model into a style experience by simply combining different pieces of clothes and picking different types of jeans in a fashionable way.

Nice bottom and long legs – women’s trousers for a lifetime?

Once we have found a pair of jeans that shapes the bottom nicely and makes the legs look long, we always go for the same fit. Maybe even for more than twenty years. With no other piece of clothing do we dare to change as little when it comes to shape and cut as we do with our favorite jeans.

The same cut every time. That is really a shame! Because our body changes in the course of the different phases of life. Not only through pregnancies and hormones, but also through our living conditions. Nevertheless, we remain forever true to the shape of our jeans once we have chosen them – in good times and bad. Why not be brave and go for a completely different model? Style icons do it! They wear their jeans extremely casually and ensure that they are skillfully combined, making every jeans outfit a real eye-catcher.

There is a diversity in jeans!


Straight fit jeans have their advantages. For many it is too boring and too unspectacular. But it is precisely the understatement with which these women’s trousers come along that makes them so special. The model flatters women over forty in particular, as the jeans are not so tight. It lets its wearer look totally relaxed and casual.

Of course, the fashion- conscious ladies recognized this long ago. You can be broad enough and wear them with a comfortable oversized denim shirt with rolled-up sleeves. You can try anything really. The casual outfit can be styled up with a little highlight, such as some adorable mules.


Wide leg jeans are downright rejected by most women over forty – too clumsy, not figure-hugging enough, not feminine enough – these are the fears behind them. Wrongly so, in our opinion! Because the Wide Leg is a lovely figure-flatterer. Honestly, what faster way to cheat a few pounds off your hips than with these airy women’s pants? Small cushions that we have collected on our way through life are concealed by the wide, cheerfully swinging fabric.

If you are over 40 years, you can wear these wide-leg jeans with total self-confidence and look ravishingly young and modern. The trick is that you combine the wide women’s trousers with short tops, for example with a light, short jacket. That way, the cut comes into its own without looking bulky. You can also wear flat ankle boots. A super simple fall outfit is ready. Little effort and a lot of wow!


The Flared Jeans Style: The good old “flared pants” – have been very trendy since the 1970s. No wonder, because the flared style trumps with deliberately casual elegance. Combined with a fine shirt or an elegant blouse, these jeans give the wearer a cool, unobtrusive chic.

You definitely have a knack for perfect denim outfits, if you can choose an appropriate Flared Style Jeans. With the flared jeans, you can wear a slightly transparent, black blouse, under which you can let your bra to shimmer through. By doing this you are simply putting yourself in the limelight without much effort. How stylish!

With these great and simple combination tricks, any jeans outfit can be turned into an ingenious eye-catcher for women older than 40 years in no time at all!

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