Stripes and Plus Size? It works magic

Stripes make you fat? You probably meant: stripes make you chic! Because unlike what was previously assumed, the striped look also suits chubby women. We’ll tell you how this works here.

Stripes are up to date. They are one of our absolute favorite looks of the season and they suit you even if you have a few extra pounds on your sexy hips. Whether vertical or horizontal stripes, or even both combined. With the appropriate styling, the striped look can be worn by every woman, whether curvy or slim.

Longitudinal stripes: A striped look that makes you slim
Vertical stripes have always flattered the figure and are completely uncomplicated to style for chubby women. Because vertical stripes stretch optically and make every body a bit longer and therefore slimmer. This is because humans overestimate vertical stripes and always mistake them for longer than they actually are. Of course, this also affects the proportions of the body.

But the stripes in the length are also real all-round talents when it comes to styling. Because while fine pinstripes make many an outfit look really elegant, the slightly thicker block stripes conjure up a really casual and modern touch to your look. Wide trousers with stripes give you a pretty strong appearance this season. The combination of pastel colors and an unobtrusive basic color is particularly popular.

Horizontal stripes: delicate but absolutely wearable
Hands up if you still think hoops aren’t for the chubby woman. We think it’s time to do away with this prejudice and finally unravel the mystery of horizontal stripes.

In general, stripes attract attention – so it’s important which part of the body I want to emphasize. After all, it depends on the cut, the colors and the width of the stripes whether the stripes make your body appear wider or not.

Therefore, a chubby woman can easily reach for the trendy striped shirt. Especially on a dark background or tone-on-tone, thin horizontal stripes show little or not at all. You should wear fine horizontal stripes on fuller parts of the body. Blazers, jackets and waistcoats in solid colors are best suited for this. A high-cut skirt in plain colors can also be a nice counterpart to the striped shirt.

Anyone can wear stripes – you know how!
In general, tops with horizontal stripes should be long enough to skilfully play around a tummy. In addition, the striped shirts should not be too tight, because that would only draw attention to your problem area. On the other hand, a plain-colored high-waist midi skirt can result in a nice change of style in your striped look. Make sure the skirt ends at the narrowest part of your leg. This makes you look a lot slimmer.

However, vertical stripes are the perfect choice if you tend to be one of the small, chubby women. They not only stretch your body visually, but also make you appear a little slimmer. Blouses or dresses with a vertical stripe pattern look particularly great in combination with plain-colored trousers.

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