Remove your makeup to prevent pimples, dryness, and wrinkles

Maybe you don’t feel like it, but you shouldn’t skimp on removing your make-up: otherwise your skin will take revenge with pimples, dryness or even more wrinkles. A mild make-up remover is the classic. However, the latest trend is towards reusable make-up remover gloves, for which you only need a little warm water.

From cleansing milk to washcloths: the alternatives

Make-up removal wipes

It couldn’t be easier: Instead of cotton pads, we can now use special washcloths to remove make-up. One example is the reusable make-up removal wipes, which you simply soak in lukewarm water to remove even “stubborn” make-up that would otherwise be challenging to remove. Washed in the machine, you can reuse them as often as you like – that also justifies the price of just under 2,000 shillings.

The best wipes may be make-up remover pads from various brands, which are even available in different colors like pink or yellow. Of course, you can also use sustainable make-up remover wipes with your favorite products if you absolutely do not want to do without them. Here are some tips:

Cosmetic cleansing products

The classic among make-up removal products is cleansing milk . The water-oil mixture contains many nourishing components and is suitable for most skin types. It is easy to apply to a cotton pad or cloth and removes any residue from the face . Cleaning foam is also very popular and economical. It provides the ultimate feeling of freshness and can be easily washed off with water. Special eye make-up removers are used for the eye, they are most suitable because they are tailored to the thin and delicate skin area around the eyes. A distinction is made between products for removing waterproof and non-waterproof mascara.

Micellar products do not require any rinsing with water . The small nano-technology beads enclose fat and water-soluble dirt particles and remove them from the skin . However, the skin fat is not attacked, so there is no risk of dehydration. On the contrary, micellar cleansers even contribute to skin care thanks to their ingredients .

If you tend to have oily skin , you can also use a cleansing powder to remove make-up . A bit of powder is mixed with water on the palm of the hand until a kind of foam or paste is formed. This gently removes dead skin cells. Cleansing powders contain plant substances, minerals and enzymes and are also particularly suitable for air travel. They cannot leak and, unlike other products that have a liquid consistency, are even allowed in hand luggage . Electric facial cleansers are also becoming increasingly popular . They are used in combination with a washing lotion and also stimulate blood circulation with circular movements. This should counteract skin aging in the long term.

Negative effects of failing to remove your make-up

Leaving make-up, powder, mascara, blush, lipstick and kajal on your face clogs your skin’s pores . As a result, bacteria can spread more easily – blackheads and pimples appear . The skin generally becomes drier and tends towards irritation and allergic reactions . Anyone who forgets to remove their mascara must also expect the fine hairs to break off. And the missed cleansing has an additional unpleasant long-term effect: It leads to premature skin aging.

Reasons enough to reach for the make-up remover every day before going to bed – even if the party night went on into the morning hours. If you are experienced, you will be able to complete the procedure with a cosmetic remover in record time. Incidentally, daily cleansing should not be omitted even when only a cream is used instead of make-up and other products. During the day, exhaust gases and dust are deposited in the pores. When the residue is removed, the skin can maintain its natural protective barrier – the complexion remains rosy and fresh as a result .

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