Orange peel skin: What it is and how to remedy it

Orange peel skin is not a medical term but an informal name used to describe teeny, tiny bumps and divots that make your face resemble the skin of an orange.

The majority of women are affected by cellulite, albeit to very different degrees. So-called orange peel skin is more the norm than the exception. Changes in the female hormonal balance also play a role here, as does genetic predisposition. Contrary to popular belief, physique has little or no influence on the formation of orange peel skin.

Even though cellulite is completely normal, it is a nuisance for many sufferers. And there is no “miracle cure” for this, but a combination of different measures usually leads to visible success. In addition to a healthy diet, this also includes massages and care products from body brushes with natural bristles to moisturizing cream.

How to prevent orange peel skin?

Helps with cellulite: body brush with 100% natural bristles

The advantages of the body brush are: it is very appealing to the touch, can be felt immediately: the body relaxes and well-being increases. Since the blood circulation and lymph flow are stimulated, the brush with its natural bristles is perfect for cellulite – preventive as well as relieving the symptoms.

  • Practical handle
  • 100% natural and regional
  • From sustainable German production

Back and bath brush

These brushes can be used wet or dry. They are guided over the skin with light pressure, which means massage and peeling at the same time. The accumulation of lymph and tissue water, which leads to the symptoms of orange peel skin, is dissolved in a natural way or prevented in advance. The blood circulates, you feel completely at ease.

  • 40 centimeter long handle that fits comfortably in the hand
  • all body regions can be reached
  • high quality natural materials

Skin Perfecting liquid scrub

A liquid scrub is suitable for all skin types. Excess skin flakes are reliably removed and the skin is thoroughly cleaned. Not only cellulite, but also blackheads and pimples hardly have a chance.

  • Deep-penetrating BHA chemical peel with salicylic acid
  • not only for the face, but also for the body
  • with skin-soothing green tea extract

Body Lotion Deep Moisture Sensitive

Neutrogena has specially developed this moisturizing lotion for dry and particularly sensitive skin. It is fragrance-free, which also allows allergy sufferers to use it. The lotion is quickly absorbed by the skin and provides up to ten layers with moisture. The effect is not only effective anti-aging, women with cellulite problems also benefit – and at an unbeatable price.

  • Norwegian formula with moisturizing glycerin
  • humidity for 48 hours
  • The skin immediately feels smoother

Moisturizing cream for body and face

The body care from CeraVe is rich, but absorbs quickly, is not greasy and does not leave the skin feeling sticky. The lotion, which is primarily intended for dry or even very dry skin, provides intensive hydration that lasts all day. All ceramides used are of plant origin and strengthen the skin barrier. The moisture is stored longer in the body thanks to the hyaluronic acid it contains. It is another effective building block for healthy skin – and in the fight against cellulite.

  • practical pump dispenser
  • dermatologically tested and also suitable for children
  • non-comedogenic formula, non-greasy

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