Natural beautifiers you are ignoring to chase expensive alternatives

Why always rely on chemical beauty helpers when there are also effective beautifiers from nature.

You will not only find what you are looking for in drugstores and perfumeries when you are looking for reliable beautifiers. The natural beauty salon is right outside the front door.

We need oxygen to survive, but it is not only important for breathing, but also for our skin. The oxygen stimulates our cells, which make our skin “plumper”. With enough air, a peachy, radiant complexion is guaranteed.

He who drinks a lot of water is more beautiful. It works practically immediately after ingestion, because only a few minutes later the skin is better supplied with blood and appears firmer and plumper. Who would have thought that H2O was such a beauty elixir?!

The Asians showed us how: They have been drinking green tea for centuries. Why? Quite simply: the drink has an anti-inflammatory effect and traps free radicals. This slows down the aging process. And on top of that, the hot drink protects the skin against UV rays. What a multi-talent!

Another beautifier straight from nature: Cleopatra used to bathe in milk regularly. A 15-minute bath (mix two liters of milk with half a cup of honey in the bath water) is enough to make the skin softer and firmer

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