How to identify original luxury watches from counterfeits

Rolex, Breitling, Cartier: luxury watches are in demand. However, buyers have to dig deep into their pockets for such high-quality timepieces. And that is exactly what makes the noble specimens popular with counterfeiters. But how can you spot a fake?

Luxury watches: original or fake?

A first indication of a counterfeit watch is the price. Be aware that luxury watches don’t come at bargain prices. But there are also indications of counterfeiting on the watch itself. Luxury watches are high-quality watches that have mechanical movements. If you are holding a model with a quartz movement in your hands, it is certainly a fake. The weight is also an indication, because real luxury watches are usually heavier than their copies. In most cases, there are also quality differences between a counterfeit and the original.

Certificates for luxury watches

Luxury watches come with certificates. If you don’t have one, you should pay attention. However, an existing certificate does not guarantee the authenticity of the watch, because you should be aware that certificates can be counterfeited just like the watch itself.

Recognizing luxury watches: pay attention to the quality

Luxury watches have their price, but they are also elaborately manufactured. Counterfeits, on the other hand, are of rather inferior quality, and so, on closer inspection, counterfeits and originals can be distinguished from one another based on the qualitative differences in the processing. For example, high-quality glass that protects against scratches is often used in original luxury watches. Scratches on the glass can therefore be a sign of a fake. The dial of an original luxury watch is also characterized by precise contours. If the dial is not worked properly, the example is likely to be a fake.

The selection of luxury watches is large. But among the offered copies there are also many fakes. But if you look closely, you have the chance to unmask counterfeit copies.


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