How to hide the excess weight without diet and exercise

We’ll tell you how you can skillfully conceal your little love handles on your belly and how you can look slimmer.

The cozy festive days are over and have left their mark: small rolls of fat on the stomach are becoming visible and hip gold is spreading. We’ll show you how you can still start the new year with a breathtaking style – because there are wonderful ways to cleverly hide the new pounds.

1st tip: wear a high waist

High waist is not only very popular, but also has an incredible stomach-loss effect. Pounds on the hips and buttocks are skilfully played around and the waist, as the narrowest point, is given the desired full attention. And your taut contours are shown to their best advantage.

high-waist trouser

2nd tip: Pay attention to the right dress cut

A-line dresses flatter the figure to perfection: Small problem areas around the stomach and hips are simply magically disappeared.

If you want to cover your stomach twice, you can use cleverly placed ruffles, ruffles or wrap effects and the pounds will be cleverly hidden.

3. Tip: Combine long tops

Shirts, blouses and tunics should reach at least the buttocks so that the end of the hem is automatically visible. It is ideal if the top and bottom are the same color or at least come from the same color family. Then the gaze is subtly diverted away from the middle of the body. You can underline the diversionary maneuver with eye-catching accessories such as large-link chains in gold or silver, as well as colorful glass beads.












4th tip: style a layered look

Layering is in! With the layered look, the pounds are cleverly hidden. And the style is also cozy and warm. If you want it to be very simple, you can buy so-called 2-in-1 sweaters or shirts with a softly falling blouse insert. There is no faster and easier way to look slimmer! In winter, wool coats are also suitable for the layered look.

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Tip 5: Use vertical lines

Stripes make you look slimmer – especially vertical stripes. At the same time, your upper body is optically stretched. Striking, long statement necklaces or scarves in bold colors also skillfully direct the gaze away from the stomach.

6th tip: Grab fabrics that are too flowing

Pure femininity: Blouses, shirts and tunics made from soft, flowing fabrics such as linen or jersey hide your tummy in a particularly flattering way. In addition, they are comfortable and cozy. Dark, rich colors also hide a few pounds.

7th tip: Mix patterns together

Large, eye-catching patterns elegantly distract from the stomach and make you look slimmer as if by magic. Pure magic! The brave can also mix the patterns. A feast for the eyes and you can hide your stomach in no time.

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