How to find the right wedding dress

When it comes to the most beautiful day of your life, don’t you want to leave anything to chance? It is all the more important that you approach the topic of buying a wedding dress in a thoughtful manner!

Finding the right wedding dress – that’s how it works!
Make yourself aware of what you like and what is important to you long before you actually make the purchase. Ideally, say goodbye to exaggerated and fairytale-like ideas and instead try to balance your ideas and your budget. Anyone who wants to buy a wedding dress usually has to make compromises . It may sound unromantic, but the more realistically you approach the subject, the less disappointed you will be afterwards.

It is also important that you do not panic when it comes to buying a wedding dress, but rather take your time. So start collecting ideas early on. With specific ideas in mind, it’s a lot easier to go to the shops and look for a dress.

You can find a lot of inspiration on the internet at Pinterest, for example. Create a board on which you collect all the clothes and accessories that you like. Over time, it becomes pretty clear what you like and where your style is headed. When the time finally comes and you are looking for your dream dress in the wedding shops, it is a great help for the seller if you show her your Pinterest board.

Which cut fits?
Which cut you choose for your wedding dress depends primarily on your taste. But with the right choice, you can also optimally present your figure or conceal any problem areas.

A-Line: This style has a fitted bodice with a flared A-line skirt. Problem zones in the stomach, legs and buttocks are cleverly concealed in this way.

Duchesse: Duchesse-style wedding dresses have a corsage that emphasizes the décolleté and waist. The skirt is particularly voluminous and conceals wide hips.

Mermaid: This cut is particularly body-hugging. It skilfully stages the female curves, because the dress is tight up to the knee and only then is it flared. This cut is great for tall women with feminine curves.

Empire: A high waist seam that sits just below the bust is characteristic of this cut. The skirt falls fluently to the floor. Décolleté, shoulders and arms are eye-catchers here. Problems in the stomach, legs and buttocks are skilfully concealed. Attention: This cut is not for small women, as it always looks a bit compressed.

Be careful when buying online
Of course you can also find your dream dress in the online shop. Be aware, however, that you will likely have to try on many dresses before you find the one that fits you perfectly. And since the online shop is rather the impractical option.

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