How to determine your body type and flattering clothes for it

Apple, pear or hourglass – every body has different shapes and deserves to be perfectly dressed. It really helps to know your own body type.

Some women have more of a straight figure, while others have feminine curves. Depending on the silhouette, the figure type varies. The body types can be roughly divided into five categories (A type, H type, O type, V type, and X-type). It is important to know that these are only an approximation and never depict the whole of reality. Because every body is too unique for that.

Nevertheless, these classifications can help when it comes to choosing the right clothes to look your best. After all, we all want to feel good and look good in the clothes we wear.

Below I will explain what body types there are, how you can recognize them, and which items of clothing make your body look great. You want that, right?

A Type: The pear figure

The A-type – colloquially also known as the “pear figure” – is characterized above all by the fact that the hips are wider than the shoulders and the waist is rather slim. As a result, people with a pear shape usually have a feminine figure, which is characterized by a large bottom and strong thighs.

If you have a pear shape, you should accentuate your torso and waist. You can hide your hips if you want. The best way to do this is by resorting to A-line skirts, fitted tops, flared midi skirts , and mom jeans . The best way to draw attention to your waist is with waist belts or eye-catching details such as ruffles, flounces or corsages.

  • wide hips
  • narrow shoulders
  • big butt
  • slim waist
  • strong thighs
  • conceal hips
  • Emphasize the upper body and waist
  • A-line skirts
  • Pants with flared legs
  • corset tops
  • midi skirts
  • mom jeans
  • waist belt

H Type: The banana figure

The so-called H-type, which is also known as the “banana figure”, is particularly striking because of its slim figure and equally broad shoulders and hips. In addition, the waist is less pronounced in this figure type and the bust size and bottom are rather small.

If you’re also one of those people who have a banana figure, you should definitely emphasize your legs. This works best with mini and midi skirts, shorts and high-waist pants . These even visually conjure up some curves. Waisted tops and jackets are also perfect for the banana figure. When it comes to dresses, the empire line looks the most flattering.

  • slim figure
  • Shoulders and hips of equal width
  • straight waist
  • small bust
  • small butt


  • Eye-catching details
  • Create optical curves
  • emphasize legs


  • mini skirts
  • shorts
  • high-waist pants
  • Dresses with an empire line
  • Fitted tops and blazers
  • midi skirts

O Type: The Orange Figure

If you have a round midsection, large bust, and slim legs and wide hips, you’re probably an O-type—or “orange body.” That’s why you should make sure that you put your décolleté in the limelight when it comes to clothing. Tops and dresses with a V-neckline are ideal for this.

You can also emphasize your legs by wearing skinny and straight-leg jeans as well as skirts with an A-line. Maxi dresses , oversized tops and long cardigans cover the middle of your body and ensure a balanced look.

  • big bust
  • slim legs
  • round midsection
  • wide hips


  • Emphasize the bust and legs
  • Optically stretch the silhouette
  • conceal the middle of the body
  • V-neck tops and dresses
  • Clothing with flowing fabrics
  • A-line skirts
  • Skinny and straight leg jeans
  • open blazers
  • long cardigans
  • maxi dresses
  • Oversized tops

V Type: The apple figure

The V-type, also known as the “apple figure”, is characterized by an athletic torso and shoulders that are as broad as the hips. The waist is not so pronounced in this type of figure. Most people with an apple figure have a medium to large bust size.

If you have this figure type, make sure when choosing clothing that it balances your upper and lower body. That’s why you can use mini skirts and dresses to draw attention to your lower body. Tops and dresses with V-necks and blazers are also ideal for this figure type. Flowing fabrics and dynamic details also flatter the apple figure.

  • Hips narrower than shoulders
  • athletic torso
  • slim legs
  • medium to large bust size
  • Balance upper and lower body
  • Focus on lower body
  • Emphasize bust size
  • Make your upper body look slimmer
  • mini dresses
  • sample
  • flounces
  • V-necks
  • blazer
  • Flowy fabric tops

X-Type: The hourglass figure

The hourglass figure is also often called “X-type”. With this type of figure, the shoulders are as wide as the hips. What sets her apart from the banana figure is the waist. This is very pronounced in the hourglass figure. In addition, this figure usually has a large bust and a round bottom.

If you have an hourglass figure, you should definitely accentuate your waist. This works best with figure-hugging clothing. Pencil skirts and A-line skirts also work well for this task. When it comes to dresses, you can confidently choose sheath or wrap dresses. When it comes to pants, culottes are a stylish way to show off your body.


  • Shoulders and hips somewhat the same width
  • slim waistline
  • big bust
  • big butt
  • emphasize the waist


Body-hugging and tight-fitting garments

pencil skirts

A-line skirts

Sheath and wrap dresses

corset tops

Fitted tops


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