High-waist jeans and styling tips for every Kenyan lady

They really do exist, the one pair of pants for everyone. High waist jeans are the perfect companions in everyday life, because they not only impress with their appearance, but also with their unique wearing comfort.

Everyone knows them – the high waist jeans. It was totally in in the 1980s, but then unfortunately went out of fashion for the time being. Fortunately, for some time now, it has been a trendsetter again and is an absolute must-have that no wardrobe should be without.

In this article we will tell you why high waist jeans are so popular.

This is how the high waist jeans are cut

The typical feature of high-waist jeans is the high waistband, which runs approximately at or slightly below the navel. This special cut optimally emphasizes the body and conjures up a stunning feminine silhouette.

In addition, the high seat also conceals smaller flab in the hip and stomach area, which is why not only your curves are optimally staged, but also the waist appears narrower.

With the right placement and size of the back trouser pockets, women with high waist jeans can influence the look of the buttocks. In principle, the high-waisted trousers make the buttocks rounder and firmer, but if you also choose trousers that have smaller pockets that are higher up, the buttocks appear larger overall.

The body proportions can also be optically changed by the high waist jeans .

Finally, the high waist makes your legs look longer than they actually are. Consequently, women with short legs can cheat on a few extra inches.

There is a suitable high waist jeans for every figure

The high waist jeans are actually the one pair of pants that fits all women. But why?

During the last decade, trousers have once again proved to be absolute trendsetters, but they are not disappearing from the market again. Accordingly, the fashion industry offers the popular feature of the high waistband for all fits – including shorts for the summer.

While skinny jeans are particularly suitable for tall women, they can quickly look squashed on smaller legs. To avoid this and to stretch the body, you can combine the tight-fitting pants with high heels.

Looser fits such as boyfriend and mom jeans are ideal for concealing larger thighs. They also offer a lot of freedom of movement.

Reasons why the high waist jeans are so comfortable

The high waist jeans are not only a real eye-catcher, but also extremely comfortable. Due to the comfortable fit and the concealing effect, the trousers give us a good body feeling. You feel safe and protected in her, almost like a pleasant hug that triggers a real feel-good factor.

In addition, the jeans offer great freedom of movement, which, with a looser fit, does not cause the fear that the pants will slip off the bottom.

In order to make the best use of the wearing comfort, when buying high-waist jeans, you should make sure that the trousers have sufficient stretch and that they are the right size. Normally, the jeans should still sit comfortably after a long meal.

The possible combinations for the high waist jeans

Due to the different fits, the high waist jeans are a real all-rounder. Whether in the office , at the disco or on a date – with the right combination you can’t go wrong with her.

To style the jeans chic, you should reach for a blouse. If you don’t like wearing blouses that much, a tight-fitting turtleneck sweater that you combine with a blazer is also great.

If you prefer it a little more casual, you can also wear a loose sweater or a t-shirt with high waist jeans. By the way, with crop tops you emphasize your curves even more.

Note: In order to show off your feminine silhouette even better, it is best not to cover the waistband of the pants. T athis you can clamp the front part of your top in the middle of the waistband – your waist will be emphasized.

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