Fashion essentials every woman over size 42 should have in her closet!

No woman can avoid these fashion basics anymore. We’ll show you which pieces women from size 42 and up should definitely have in their closet and how you can best combine them.

Wearing a plus size doesn’t mean you have to hide your figure under baggy clothes. On the contrary: With these fashion basics and styling tips, you can conjure up wonderfully exciting looks that show off your curves in the best possible way.

1. Fashion basic: loose Marlene trousers
In general, wide pants make you slim and are also comfortable. Boyfriend jeans, straight trousers or high-waisted Marlene trousers. Their loose fit makes your legs appear slimmer and your figure is gently caressed. The Marlene trousers in particular are an absolute fashion basic for you and can be combined in a wonderfully versatile way. Whether elegant with a tight-fitting ribbed knit shirt and heels or casual with a simple statement t-shirt and sneakers. The trousers conjure up a slim silhouette even from size 42.

2. Fashion basic: A flowing midi skirt
A-line midi skirts are the most beautiful way to flatter your hips, bottom and thighs in their curves. If you also tuck your top into the skirt hem that lies on the waist, you get the perfect hourglass figure that every woman dreams of. Especially pleated skirts in midi length are very popular at the moment, even among larger sizes and can be styled wonderfully for every situation. Whether combined in everyday life with a light cashmere sweater and sturdy boots or in the evening with a loose-fitting blouse and high heels.

3. Fashion basic: The wrap dress
If there’s one dress that wraps around your body perfectly, it’s a wrap dress. It really suits everyone – no matter what age and what shape! But especially your feminine curves benefit from the fashion basic, because it emphasizes the narrowest part of the upper body, draws attention to the décolleté with the V-neckline and thus creates a wonderful hourglass figure. And the genius? No matter what the occasion and how combined – the wrap dress always works! Whether with a short biker jacket and boots, with high heels and a blazer or under a thick wool cardigan – the dress is wonderful to look at, especially in large sizes.

4. Fashion basic: A sexy swimsuit
A sexy swimsuit is definitely a must, even from size 42. Because when else should you show your beloved curves if not on the beach? There are now wonderful, versatile swimsuits for women with plus sizes that hide a tummy and emphasize your trump card – the décolleté – or conjure up a beautiful back neckline.

5. Fashion basic: A playful top
Playful tops that aren’t bulky and don’t cover your curves, but rather flatter them work best. Blouses or tops with flounces are particularly suitable for larger sizes. Flounces are very airy, fluttering fabric trimmings that are attached to clothing. Not to be confused with ruffles, because unlike ruffles, ruffles are not as heavily curled and gathered. They fall rather loosely and result in flowing shapes that playfully wrap around your curves. Combined with a skirt or Marlene pants, you are perfectly armed with this fashion basic for the next date with your loved one.

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