Eyeshadow: How to conjure up the perfect look for the eyes

Monday, February 14th, 2022 at 6:57 PM (EAT)

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There is diversity in eye make-up and you too can get inspiration from how great colorful eye shadow can be.

The most important basics first


The key to good eye make-up is blending. Properly selected and high-quality brushes are a prerequisite for this. Flat and wider brushes are advantageous for priming large areas of the entire eyelid. To apply makeup to your eyelid crease, the brushes should be slightly rounder and narrower. Pointed and fine brushes are particularly suitable for the upper and lower lash line. If you want to learn more about makeup brushes and are interested in the pros and cons of human and synthetic hair brushes, check out the makeup brushes article linked below.


If you don’t know which eyeshadow color suits you, you can first use your eye color as a guide.

  • Blue eyes: Warm colors like golden brown, apricot, coral, bronze or pink are particularly flattering for blue eyes. These colors look subtle but elegant at the same time, especially with blond hair.
  • Green eyes: Eyeshadows in beige, sand, or gold, as well as aubergine, always look elegant and really make your green eyes stand out.
  • Brown eyes: Beige or brown work well with brown eyes and appear more subtle and elegant. If you want to stand out with your eye makeup, use eyeshadows of blue, purple, or aubergine that really bring out the color of your iris.


Eyeshadow comes in different consistencies – from powder to creamy to gel-like or liquid. All types of eyeshadow have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Powdery eyeshadow: Powdery eyeshadow is the most common type of eyeshadow and is characterized by its very simple and uncomplicated application. In addition, it hardly scatters and usually stays in the right place.
  • Creamy eye shadows: Cream eye shadows don’t spread, but have the big disadvantage that they slip into the crease of the eyelid and smudge pretty quickly. It is therefore important to pay attention to the quick drying of the eye shadow on the skin when buying it.
  • Liquid eye shadow: Liquid eye shadow is particularly suitable for advanced users as it can run quickly. For this reason, it is important that the eyelid is free of creams and moisture. A big advantage of the liquid eye shadow is the easy mixing of the colors. As a result, many new color nuances can be created and a different eye make-up is created over and over again.

Step by Step: Apply eyeshadow

  1. Brow arch: To open your eyes and define the eyebrows clearly, use a light-colored eye shadow or even concealer and apply it to the brow arch. This way your eyes will appear much larger.
  2. Eyelid: To prepare, choose a light shade and apply it to your entire eyelid.
  3. Eye crease: You should choose the eye shadow color to match your eye color. Choose a color that is darker than the foundation color and place the color in the crease of the lid. Make sure both colors are well blended and the transition is subtle.
  4. Eyeliner: The eyeliner in brown or black should be drawn finely and in a straight line. Make sure that the eyeliner connects to the lash line and there is no gap between the eyeliner and your eyelashes. It is advisable to smudge the eyeliner with soft kajal.
  5. Lashes: Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. If you warm up the eyelash curler with a hair dryer beforehand, the result is even better. Now wash your eyelashes vigorously with a mascara. Place the eyelash brush on the upper lash line and pull the mascara with small zigzag movements down to the end of the lashes.

The most common mistakes

Many people make the mistake of only applying powder eyeshadow with the applicator that comes with it. However, this absorbs a lot of pigments and a smooth transition can hardly be mastered. However, soft contours are the be-all and end-all of successful eye make-up – hard lines don’t suit your eyes. Therefore, use a soft brush for blending, with which you can pick up and distribute color in a more targeted manner.

Another eyeshadow mistake to avoid: Don’t apply too much color under the eyes as it will visually draw down and look tired. A narrow strip of eye shadow on the lower lash line, as with Lupita Nyong’o, is sufficient. Also, like the Oscar winner, use the effect of complementary colors and, for example, make up blue eyes with yellow or gold eye shadow and green eyes with plum and lavender tones.

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