Dresses that really suit every woman – no matter what their figure is

Dresses make every woman shine. However, choosing the right cut is not always easy. We show you which dresses are suitable for absolutely every woman.

The hot season is dress time. They are airy, feminine and there for every occasion. But many women don’t dare to wear clothes because they fear they might look unflattering in them. In fact, not every dress cut is suitable for every body type. But whether fat or thin, tall or short, there are dresses that flatter every figure. And every woman should have that in her closet.

Dresses for every figure #1: wrap dress

It is the figure miracle par excellence. Wrap dresses hide little tummies, accentuate the slim waist and create a super feminine hourglass figure. Whether chubby or slim: You always look stylish in a wrap dress. Wrap dresses are also available in countless variations: long or short, sporty or festive. So there is definitely the right thing for you.

Dresses for every figure #2: midi dress

You think a midi dress is old-fashioned? That’s not true. Even if the young ladies of the European royal families have to obediently cover their knees with midi dresses, these dresses can also be super fashionable and sexy. There are so many different variations in length that the look never gets boring. Just make sure you have the right silhouette. Petite women should rather choose a straight dress cut, curvy women dresses with a slightly fuller silhouette.

Dresses for every figure #3: hippie dress

Flowing boho-chic maxi dresses in different variations also look great on every woman. In addition, these dresses are super comfortable and easily conceal one or two small rolls of fat. While tall women can choose super-long Wall-E dresses, shorter versions are available for shorter women. It’s better in this case, because short women would look unflatteringly squashed in an ultra-long, flowing dress.

Dresses for every figure #4: shirt dress

These dresses look a bit like a long blouse but are meant to be dresses. The straight cut with the buttons stretches optically, which is why these dresses are also great for small women. They are available in plain, striped or denim. Wear it with a leather jacket and ankle boots for a rocking look. It becomes more elegant with a belt and pumps.

Dresses for every figure No. 5: Dirndl

Even if this dress is not for everyone, it has an unbeatable advantage. A dirndl puts everything exactly where it belongs and conjures up a perfect décolleté. While the mini version is mainly for young, slim women, stronger women can hide their problem areas with the classic, long version.


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