Hair Gels in Kenya

Hair Gels are used to treat hair, and finding the right hair styling products if you have curly hair can be a dauting task. Most customers want to buy something that offers great hold, shape, and curl definition without drying out their strands or weighing curls down to a flat, lifeless heap. Many companies in … Read more

Body wrapping

This method involves compression bandaging: the body is creamed and wrapped tightly in algae, mineral mud or fango. This procedure stimulates the blood flow to the tissue and the lymph circulation. This way of detoxifying the body is part of cellulite treatment, among other things.

Cleopatra bath

The whole body is wrapped in fleece soaked in milk and honey, and moisturizing oils also care for the skin. In a special water bed you can relax at 39 degrees, soft light and soft music. A miracle cure for skin irritation and redness.

Feldenkrais therapy

This theory of movement was founded by the Israeli physicist Moshe Feldenkrais. Everyday movements such as walking, standing and sitting are practiced, varied and fine-tuned; many exercises are also performed lying on the floor. Back tension can be reduced in this way.  

Fango treatment

Fango refers to applications made from hot mineral mud. Fango treatments are possible as a bath, pack or wrap. The hot mud from volcanic earth has a positive effect on rheumatic complaints and tension.

Lomi Lomi

This special kneading and stretching technique comes from Hawaii and was once part of the initiation ceremony for shamans. Three masseurs gently stroke your back and stomach and ensure deep relaxation. There are also healing songs and exotic scents.  

LaStone Therapy

In this application, smooth, warm lava stones and ice-cold marble stones are placed on specific parts of the body. This is followed by a massage with the stones. This relieves tension and promotes blood circulation.