How To Pay and Receive Bills With Safaricom’s MPesa

pay bill lipa na mpesa

Mpesa is a revolutionary mobile payment system that allows people to send money from their wallets to others’. It is one of the highest revenue-generating products from Safaricom. How to register and activate Mpesa You will have to physically visit an Mpesa agent, Safaricom retail center with a phone, SIM card, and your identification document. … Read more

The History and Functions of Central Bank of Kenya

leon baransky and jomo kenyatta 1966

We all have seen “The Central Bank of Kenya” christened on our notes and coins. It was established by an Act of Parliament of March 24, 1966. The bank became operational 6 months later on September 14, 1966. Currently, it is enshrined in the Constitution under Article 231. Before CBK, the East African Currency Board … Read more

Governor & Deputy Governor Salary and House Benefits

The Kenya Constitution (2010) introduced devolution in Kenya. It introduced local governments to increase service delivery and accelerate economic development. There are 47 County Governments in Kenya, headed by Governors elected on a renewable five-year term. All of the bosses earn the same salary as recommended by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC). Governor Salary … Read more

Overview of Agriculture in Kenya: Make Money Through Farming

Agriculture is one of the main economic activities in Kenya. With more than 75% of the labor force comprising people actively engaged in farming. More than a quarter (estimated 33%) of Kenya’s GDP is attributable to agriculture. Most homesteads get all or part of their income from agriculture and farming. Some get passive income from … Read more