How to Save for Your Health Insurance with NHIF

NHIF in full is the National Hospital Insurance Fund whose mission is to contribute towards universal health coverage by provision of affordable, accessible, sustainable and quality health insurance through strategic resource pooling and healthcare purchasing in collaboration with stakeholders. NHIF is an insurance cover by the government that allows all cadres of people to contribute … Read more

Why Buy a Third Party Car Insurance in Kenya

Car insurance is one of the decisions you will make as an individual, if you afford a car. Insurance is one of the ways in which your personal finance decisions will be directed. But it is not possible for most Kenyans to insure everything, leave alone comprehensively insuring their cars. Insurance is expensive affair to … Read more

Kenyan Insurance Industry: High Competition Low Penetration?

The insurance sector in Kenya is characterized by high competition and low penetrations. However, there is room for growth as international insurance companies are seeking to invest in Kenya after being successful in their expansions in Asia. Low insurance penetrations There is a poor attitude towards insurance as the market is predominantly for fire, motor … Read more