Breastfeeding could lead to lower BMI in mothers even several years later

Even long after the birth of the offspring, breastfeeding has a positive influence on the mother’s weight. Researchers from the University of Oxford found this out in a wide-ranging study. It is already known that breastfeeding ensures that young mothers can reduce their weight more quickly after pregnancy. However, a UK study, conducted with 740,000 … Read more

Are there male contraceptive pills? There could be a breakthrough

During the development of the male contraceptive pill, there have been problems for a long time for which no solution seemed in sight. However, scientists at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, have apparently made a breakthrough. The team discovered that the JQ1 molecule reaches the site of sperm development via the blood and … Read more

Diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction

Diabetes is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction in men. The connection usually remains unrecognized because those affected do not want to talk to their doctor out of shame. Early treatment can prevent consequential damage. Potency problems can always occur and should not worry you. However, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction … Read more

Gentle contraceptive pills: Mini-pill used while breastfeeding

In contrast to conventional birth control and micro pills, the mini pill does not contain estrogen, but only the hormone progestin. As a result, it represents a much smaller intervention in the hormone balance of the body. The mini pill was developed primarily as a contraceptive during breastfeeding, as the estrogen in conventional pills can … Read more

Sexual arousal reduces disgust during sex

Although typical side effects of sex such as sweat, semen, saliva and body odors can trigger disgust, this feeling decreases in women with sexual arousal. This is the result of a Dutch study. Using 90 subjects, the researchers at the University of Groningen found that sexual arousal significantly lowers the disgust threshold in women: “Sex … Read more

Gentle caesarean section: what is it?

A caesarean section is a great strain on the body. Many pregnant women are particularly put off by the pain. The gentle caesarean section is gentler and prevents deep pain because only the upper layers of the skin are incised. In the conventional procedure, the pregnant woman’s abdomen is opened with a scalpel in order … Read more

Possible complications and negative effects of a caesarean section

A few decades ago, the caesarean section was still considered a risky procedure and was only performed in emergencies. Thanks to medical advances, the risks are manageable these days. However, health problems cannot be ruled out. The probability of dying in a cesarean section is almost three times higher than in vaginal births. However, at … Read more