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Every fashionable 40 year old woman in Kenya should have these cloth items

Women over 40 have already seen countless fashion trends. They know what suits them. But which items of clothing are now an absolute must-have?

Are you more the sneaker type or do you prefer to go through life in high heels?

Luckily, you have now found your style. Does that mean that you should standstill in terms of fashion? Not at all! It is now time that you can really look forward to brilliant fashion appearances – in your own style!

How is fashion changing for women at the age of 40 in Kenya?

In the 1930s, fashion became clear to the already civilized world: we all now know that red hair wasn’t a good idea back then. And presently, women spread a waist-covering cloak of silence over the thong flash from the noughties .

At the latest in the 40s you have definitely found out who you are and what suits you best.

So what is changing? Nothing fashionable at all. If you love black, wear black. If you love colour, you wear colour. Anyone who likes oversize wears oversize and anyone who likes to continue to dress in a body-hugging way should do so. It’s just important not to bend over.

What is changing is the quality of the clothing, the choice of material and the perfect choice of size.

The best fashion tips below:


The good thing: the volatility of the past few years is over, you now know what suits us. Instead of cheap little things and fast-moving trends that end up in the old clothes bin the next time you clear out , you should focus on high-quality, classic pieces that you can wear for a long time .

Instead of relying on bags or shoes made of cheap or fake imitation leather, you’d rather invest a few more shillings in high-quality bags and shoes made of real leather (or high-quality vegan alternatives). Well-made, classic pumps are definitely one of them.


By the age of 40 you know: clothes make the man. A blazer is a stylish must-have in your closet – and not just for the office. Does it always have to be a classic blazer? Definitely not. With a longer cut leather blazer , women over 40 show their stylish appearance.


A new coat every year because the cheap one from the previous year already looks worn out? It doesn’t have to be.

You should make it a necessity to own a high quality coat for cold seasons.  If it fits, sits and is warm, it’s definitely worth the money – and that’s much better than buying a new, cheap jacket every year.

What fashion tips should you (over 40 Kenyan ladies) keep in mind?


Above all, investing in a good bra is now worth its weight in gold. Because it is the best basis for a successful outfit and self-confident appearance. It holds everything in place well, cuts a better figure, doesn’t pinch, scratch or pinch. In short: it makes us look good and feel good all around. If you are unsure about the size or shape: You should definitely seek advice!

Squeeze into a 36/38 because that’s what you always wore? In the end, you appear safer, more self-confident and more elegant in suitable clothing than in one that has the supposedly correct number on it. Really every woman and every figure suits wrap dresses , which are plentiful this season – a trend.

Because of course all this doesn’t mean that trends don’t work anymore after 40. Of course you follow one or the other trend. In our 40s you’re just self-confident enough to say: the trend has to suit us. Not the other way around.


The same applies to other items of clothing: pay attention to the material. It’s not just about the optics. Because synthetic fibers quickly start to smell. And that’s a real no-go. The best first impression is spoiled, the most beautiful blouse is of no use if you meet the person opposite you who smells bad. Tops made of wool, silk or linen look more elegant and get us safely through our hectic everyday life.

Underwear that shows under or even above the clothes is also an absolute no-go. You should much rather rely on matching underwear made of the right fabrics: Seamless underwear does not show even under tight clothes, silk underwear looks beautiful and is also kind to the skin. And yes, you can cheat off a few pounds every now and then with the right shape wear.

These 3 jeans models flatter women over 40 years!

Jeans look great at any age! Many prominent figures in the entertainment industry prove this over and over again. With very simple tricks,  they conjure up brilliant eye-catchers from the blue pants.

Raise your hands if you don’t have jeans in your closet! Hardly will a woman raise their hand in this case. Jeans can be combined with anything and to bring out a glamourous look. Besides, they are also casual and comfortable. And the colour doesn’t always have to be the traditional blue. Today, there are many colour choices for your style. Anthracite, moss green, cherry red – there is hardly a color you can’t buy jeans in. Many fashion-conscious women even have a whole range of hard-wearing women’s trousers in their closet. But with the cut, there is often an end to the joy of experimentation.

However this is not the case with some women who continuously exude their prowess as perfect role model when it comes to jeans variety. They can literally turn almost every jeans model into a style experience by simply combining different pieces of clothes and picking different types of jeans in a fashionable way.

Nice bottom and long legs – women’s trousers for a lifetime?

Once we have found a pair of jeans that shapes the bottom nicely and makes the legs look long, we always go for the same fit. Maybe even for more than twenty years. With no other piece of clothing do we dare to change as little when it comes to shape and cut as we do with our favorite jeans.

The same cut every time. That is really a shame! Because our body changes in the course of the different phases of life. Not only through pregnancies and hormones, but also through our living conditions. Nevertheless, we remain forever true to the shape of our jeans once we have chosen them – in good times and bad. Why not be brave and go for a completely different model? Style icons do it! They wear their jeans extremely casually and ensure that they are skillfully combined, making every jeans outfit a real eye-catcher.

There is a diversity in jeans!


Straight fit jeans have their advantages. For many it is too boring and too unspectacular. But it is precisely the understatement with which these women’s trousers come along that makes them so special. The model flatters women over forty in particular, as the jeans are not so tight. It lets its wearer look totally relaxed and casual.

Of course, the fashion- conscious ladies recognized this long ago. You can be broad enough and wear them with a comfortable oversized denim shirt with rolled-up sleeves. You can try anything really. The casual outfit can be styled up with a little highlight, such as some adorable mules.


Wide leg jeans are downright rejected by most women over forty – too clumsy, not figure-hugging enough, not feminine enough – these are the fears behind them. Wrongly so, in our opinion! Because the Wide Leg is a lovely figure-flatterer. Honestly, what faster way to cheat a few pounds off your hips than with these airy women’s pants? Small cushions that we have collected on our way through life are concealed by the wide, cheerfully swinging fabric.

If you are over 40 years, you can wear these wide-leg jeans with total self-confidence and look ravishingly young and modern. The trick is that you combine the wide women’s trousers with short tops, for example with a light, short jacket. That way, the cut comes into its own without looking bulky. You can also wear flat ankle boots. A super simple fall outfit is ready. Little effort and a lot of wow!


The Flared Jeans Style: The good old “flared pants” – have been very trendy since the 1970s. No wonder, because the flared style trumps with deliberately casual elegance. Combined with a fine shirt or an elegant blouse, these jeans give the wearer a cool, unobtrusive chic.

You definitely have a knack for perfect denim outfits, if you can choose an appropriate Flared Style Jeans. With the flared jeans, you can wear a slightly transparent, black blouse, under which you can let your bra to shimmer through. By doing this you are simply putting yourself in the limelight without much effort. How stylish!

With these great and simple combination tricks, any jeans outfit can be turned into an ingenious eye-catcher for women older than 40 years in no time at all!

Women with large bust sizes should know these fashion tricks

Those that are well versed with fashion and trends know that there are a few helpful tips for women with large busts. If you want to know how to stage your décolleté, we will help you with this article.

Fashion designers, such as Guido Maria Kretschmer, are popular among women for many reasons. These icons offer useful and professional tips to women. Women with large busts often wonder how they can perfectly stage their breasts without making them the center of attention. If you too have big boobs, here are the best tips:

  • In general, it is important that you pack your décolleté (cleavage) nicely. Avoid deep V-necks and make sure your waist is accentuated.
  • You should also rely on eye-catchers that draw the eye away from the décolleté. These can be eye-catching shoes, a colored handbag or tight jeans or a pencil skirt that draws attention to the buttocks and legs

Wrap blouses and shirts always work

In this section, we’ll tell you a few classics that you can wear even when you’re overwhelmed and that you can easily style.

  • Carmen neckline: This low-slung neckline also works for large busts and flatters the décolleté. Lace appliqués on the neckline also provide a fashionable eye-catcher. With a Carmen neckline, it is important that you wear the right bra . It should be strapless, fit perfectly and offer enough support.
  • Wrap Blouses: These tops are perfect for large busts because they create a nice waist and create an hourglass silhouette. But make sure that the V-neck of the wrap blouse is not too deep.
  • Corsets: You can also wear corsets if you have more bust size. They pack your breasts nice and tight.
  • Oversize shirt: An oversize shirt perfectly conceals a large bust. Style the shirt with slim pants and tuck them into the waistband. Alternatively, you can tie the shirt together at the front. It’s extra casual and sexy if you leave the top buttons undone.
  • Tip: Have a look in your partner’s closet to see if there is a chic undershirt. Solid white or light blue and striped models are best.

Every plus size woman should know these 4 tips when buying trousers

You don’t have to lose weight to look slim! Capitalize on what you wear.

Who doesn’t love new pants? Even if the joy of a perfectly fitting pair of trousers is often great, the road to this find can be long and tiresome. We’ll tell you how curvy women can save themselves some annoying trying-on sessions in the changing room in the future. Our four simple tips are guaranteed to make your next shopping trip easier.

Is there anything more annoying than looking for a pair of pants that fit well? Some people despair when trying on pants in the changing room – the bottoms are too tight, don’t cover the buttocks or just don’t fit properly.

However, the tiresome search for the perfect pants can be made a lot easier if you know what to look for when making your selection. There are better and worse suitable pant cuts for every type of figure – these four tips will help curvy women to choose the perfect pant. When buying your next pair of pants, you shouldn’t forget one thing above all: The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the trousers.

1. The right cut

Luckily, current trends offer us a variety of trouser styles, and the constricting skinny jean can get stuck in the store. Flared pants like flared jeans flatter curvy women and elongate each leg. The culotte and palazzo trousers are models that are popular with every woman and work great with a few curves.

But you can not only make the right choice with the leg cut of the trousers, but also with the height of the waistband: for women with curves, bottoms with a high-waist waistband are particularly suitable. Your curves are thus staged, but the stomach is concealed. Another advantage: A high waistband also stretches your legs – that can never hurt.

2. The material

In addition to the cut of the trousers, the fabric is also an important factor when buying trousers. A pair of jeans with a high percentage of stretch might not do you any favors, as they apply quickly and show every little curve. Solid fabrics such as denim or cotton, on the other hand, are great and can give you a good feeling in your new favorite piece.

3. The size

There is one rule on this point: the size of your trousers says nothing about you. No one can be defined by a number, so when buying a new pair of pants, the most important thing should be that they fit well. If you notice in the changing room that the pants are too tight or pinch in a few places – leave them in the store or try on a larger size.

If the trousers fit well, but are too wide in some places, such as the waistband, you can have them adjusted. A few moves shouldn’t stand between you and your perfect pants.

4. The material

In addition to the cut of the trousers, the fabric is also an important factor when buying trousers. A pair of jeans with a high percentage of stretch might not do you any favors, as they apply quickly and show every little curve. Solid fabrics such as denim or cotton, on the other hand, are great and can give you a good feeling in your new favorite piece.

These tops perfectly conceal your body’s weak points

Every woman has her weak spot But with the right top, these are hardly noticeable anymore. Read here how you can conceal your problem areas.

Don’t worry about the small tummy or the strong arms. By choosing the right top, you can get rid of these problems very easily and in no time at all.

How to hide your belly

Longer tops such as long shirts or tunics are perfect for hiding the tummy. A-line dresses or wrap dresses also work wonders. Avoid shiny fabrics. On the other hand, anything that stretches to hide your stomach is good: a V-neckline, zips or vertical stripes, long necklaces or scarves.

How to conceal wide shoulders

Avoid oversized tops! Instead, go for tops with precise cuts that fit well. A V-neckline visually “divides” the upper body and makes even broad shoulders appear narrower. Long chains also have this effect, as do collared blouses. Go for soft, flowing fabrics if you want to hide broad shoulders. Insider tip: One-shoulder tops visually interrupt the shoulder line very well. Here you shop these products!

How to conceal big breasts

Big breasts definitely need a well-fitting bra with wide straps. A V-neck stretches, dark colors hide the problem area well. Turtleneck sweaters or small cutouts, on the other hand, tend to emphasize the breasts. If you want to take your mind off your chest for a business appointment, wear a dark V-neck blouse or top and let a shawl or scarf drape loosely over your bust.

Conceal small breasts

On the other hand, tops with flounces or ruffles at chest height can cheat a bit. In principle, everything that looks like more works: waterfall shirts or tops with appliqués , bows or embroidery are good for making the breasts appear larger. Colorfully patterned shirts distract from the (supposedly) too small breasts.

Conceal thick upper arms

You can hide strong upper arms particularly well with tops that have lace sleeves or flounced sleeves. These should reach about the elbow. Off-the-shoulder tops with flounced sleeves are also great to hide your problem area. The fabric falls perfectly over the upper arms. On the other hand, you should better keep your hands off halter tops.

Conceal thick legs

Yes, even if your legs are a little bigger, you should make sure you choose the right top. While dark pants hide your legs, a cleverly chosen top draws attention to your assets, such as your décolleté. But the color of the upper part is allowed to catch the eye. Eye-catching patterns, ruffles or asymmetrical cuts also distract from the legs. If you conjure up a little “more” “on top” with shoulder pads, ruffles or scarves, your legs will automatically appear narrower in proportion.

In general, everything that is dark appears narrower and is less noticeable. Anything long stretches. Bright colors, flounces or ruffles, on the other hand, attract attention. Therefore, if you want to conceal your problem area, dress in dark colors, with long chains, vertical stripes or V-necks that visually stretch. To do this, emphasize the advantages with more eye-catching colors or cuts in such a way that they automatically attract the viewer’s gaze.

How to hide the excess weight without diet and exercise

We’ll tell you how you can skillfully conceal your little love handles on your belly and how you can look slimmer.

The cozy festive days are over and have left their mark: small rolls of fat on the stomach are becoming visible and hip gold is spreading. We’ll show you how you can still start the new year with a breathtaking style – because there are wonderful ways to cleverly hide the new pounds.

1st tip: wear a high waist

High waist is not only very popular, but also has an incredible stomach-loss effect. Pounds on the hips and buttocks are skilfully played around and the waist, as the narrowest point, is given the desired full attention. And your taut contours are shown to their best advantage.

high-waist trouser

2nd tip: Pay attention to the right dress cut

A-line dresses flatter the figure to perfection: Small problem areas around the stomach and hips are simply magically disappeared.

If you want to cover your stomach twice, you can use cleverly placed ruffles, ruffles or wrap effects and the pounds will be cleverly hidden.

3. Tip: Combine long tops

Shirts, blouses and tunics should reach at least the buttocks so that the end of the hem is automatically visible. It is ideal if the top and bottom are the same color or at least come from the same color family. Then the gaze is subtly diverted away from the middle of the body. You can underline the diversionary maneuver with eye-catching accessories such as large-link chains in gold or silver, as well as colorful glass beads.












4th tip: style a layered look

Layering is in! With the layered look, the pounds are cleverly hidden. And the style is also cozy and warm. If you want it to be very simple, you can buy so-called 2-in-1 sweaters or shirts with a softly falling blouse insert. There is no faster and easier way to look slimmer! In winter, wool coats are also suitable for the layered look.

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Tip 5: Use vertical lines

Stripes make you look slimmer – especially vertical stripes. At the same time, your upper body is optically stretched. Striking, long statement necklaces or scarves in bold colors also skillfully direct the gaze away from the stomach.

6th tip: Grab fabrics that are too flowing

Pure femininity: Blouses, shirts and tunics made from soft, flowing fabrics such as linen or jersey hide your tummy in a particularly flattering way. In addition, they are comfortable and cozy. Dark, rich colors also hide a few pounds.

7th tip: Mix patterns together

Large, eye-catching patterns elegantly distract from the stomach and make you look slimmer as if by magic. Pure magic! The brave can also mix the patterns. A feast for the eyes and you can hide your stomach in no time.

3 holiday looks that we use to hide the biscuit belly

Hmmm … in the run-up to any festive season or holiday, delicious temptations are lurking everywhere that we find difficult to resist. No wonder there is an urge to conceal the extra grams in your belly, especially during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve. We show the most beautiful holiday looks to hide your belly.

Gingerbread, chapatis, mandazis, nyama choma, mulled wine and co. are simply part of December. But if you’re not careful, the delicious treats will quickly land on your hips. And that before Christmas even hits. That’s why we’ve put together the most beautiful festive clothing for you, which covers your stomach and doesn’t pinch or tweak at Christmas dinner.

1. Airy/loose tops


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Flowing pullovers, oversized blouses and light tunics are the ideal companions to cleverly hide a tummy.

In addition, you can draw attention to your chocolate sides: Do you have long and slender legs? Then tight-fitting trousers – with a comfortable high waist if you wish – or skinny jeans in combination with the wide-cut tops are a perfect choice.

If you like it more playful with your festive attire, then you can of course also choose an elegant midi skirt. Especially as a pleated and A-line skirt, they are currently welcome guests at the long banquet table. Shiny fabrics in metallic gold, silver or delicate rosé distract from your midsection, as does the flattering high-waist cut.

High heels also stretch the leg. You are also welcome to add further eye-catchers to your festive clothing with a statement necklace or an extravagant wristwatch.

2. Layering


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As the name suggests, the layering look involves wearing several layers on top of each other. This not only keeps you comfortably warm in the icy temperatures, but also hides the cookie belly.

It is particularly important to combine different lengths and materials with this festive attire. Just like that, it’s a classic layering style.

Thick and coarse wool sweaters or other opaque knit tops are suitable for this in combination with light and also transparent fabrics such as silk blouses or elegant shirts that demonstratively peek out at the bottom of the waistband or at the top of the collar.

Cloth pants, jeans, dresses – the layered look goes with every style and is tailored to your taste. Long scarves and shawls put an additional styling crown on the layered look.

Rough boots or elegant high heels also fit and can form a desired contrast or skilfully harmonize. Anything goes with this holiday attire, even color blocking is allowed.

Why not defy the gray winter days and let a strong purple play together with camel.

3. Dresses with a twist

Ruffles, ruffles and peplums at the waist and neckline skilfully draw the viewer’s gaze away from the middle of the stomach and are both comfortable and elegant for the wearer.

Chic earrings are an accessory that you should not do without. The festive clothing does not need more. The playful elements stand for themselves. Elegant pumps or delicate ballerinas underline the look and make you the highlight of the evening.

How plus size fashion works for Kenyan women!

While a few years ago clothes in larger sizes – if they existed at all – often eked out a sad existence in the farthest corners as camouflage and baggy fabrics, today the attitude of the fashion industry has changed.

Not only since the body positivity movement began, there have been successful curvy models in the world. They have shown the true style icon for all women over size 36. With the following styling ideas, you can be an eye-catcher as a plus-size woman too.

Below are some of the perfect plus size looks


With high-waist trousers, which are characterized by the high waistband and reach over the hips , the waist and thus the narrowest point is perfectly staged. The combination with a shirt – cleverly tucked into the waistband – which sits out of competition with the high waistband and rounded off with a short blazer, makes the trio perfect. With high-waist trousers, the legs also appear longer and high shoes also visually stretch.


A tight-fitting dress or a skirt and sneakers may not seem right at first glance. Oh yes – if a few rules are followed: Do a fashion experiment and wear sneakers that match the color of the dress or skirt. Or you combine bright colors and eye-catching shoe prints into a simple dress. So every woman becomes an eye-catcher!


With this simple but at the same time extremely successful fashion idea, everyone hits the right note. Although you can never go wrong with the classic black and gray, it can also quickly appear monotonous and bland. And let’s be honest: Who can resist fiery red?! That’s right, nobody! An eye-catcher par excellence. Many plus size models know that too, and they hit the spot with breathtaking plus size outfit – from head to toe!

Grace Msalame icon for plus size models
Grace Msalame, media personality


The culotte is not only a stylish it-piece, but also an ideal compromise if you can’t decide between trousers and a skirt. Plain culottes are best combined with a striped or patterned blouse or a shirt in a different color. Plus-size women are advised to always wear culottes with heels – this stretches the silhouette and the flowing, wide fabric of the culotte caresses the legs.

How to style the midi skirt correctly to hide your weak areas

Midi skirts suit every woman. You just have to know which midi is best suited to your own figure and how to style it correctly in order to easily conceal small problem areas. We’ll show you how it works.

The midi skirt trend is more apparent during the hot season because the garment offers a lot of freedom in the heat and therefore does not stick uncomfortably to the body. And that’s exactly what every lady needs when it’s hot: a light and airy outfit that also looks stylish and modern.

Pay attention to proportions when combining midi skirts

Anyone who thinks that midi skirts are not suitable for their own figure is wrong – midi skirts simply suit every woman! You just have to know which approach to wearing it you should use to hide all your body weaknesses. Basically, it’s very simple: Pay attention to your proportions when combining. it with different other clothes and accessories.

If you have strong calves, you should definitely choose a flared model to make your legs look slimmer. A high waistband also ensures that your body appears longer and therefore narrower. This is of course also an advantage for petite women. Those with short legs should make sure that the skirts are not too long. It is ideal if the midi skirt you  pick reaches just above your knees to visually stretch your petite figure.

Can I wear midi skirts with my curves?

– A resounding yes! Influencers lead the way: midi skirts look particularly sexy on women with curves. If you have a curvy build, you should definitely focus on A-line midi skirts because they flatter your figure. The length you should choose depends on your height. Tall women should opt for a skirt that hits mid-calf, while shorter skirts that hit just above the knee are suitable for short, curvaceous women. Pleated skirts are particularly suitable for curves, as they have a stretching effect – but colorful patterns also look great during the sunny periods.

What top and shoes do I wear with the midi skirt?

Midi skirts look especially great with a silky blouse or loose shirt. Whether you decide on the first or second variant is up to you, but you should always tuck the top into the waistband. This way you automatically appear slimmer and can define your beautiful silhouette. When it comes to shoes, pointed pumps or mules are recommended , as they make your legs look slimmer in contrast to rounded shoe models. But sneakers look great too. The only no-go: ballerinas quickly look girly with a midi skirt.

How to determine your body type and flattering clothes for it

Apple, pear or hourglass – every body has different shapes and deserves to be perfectly dressed. It really helps to know your own body type.

Some women have more of a straight figure, while others have feminine curves. Depending on the silhouette, the figure type varies. The body types can be roughly divided into five categories (A type, H type, O type, V type, and X-type). It is important to know that these are only an approximation and never depict the whole of reality. Because every body is too unique for that.

Nevertheless, these classifications can help when it comes to choosing the right clothes to look your best. After all, we all want to feel good and look good in the clothes we wear.

Below I will explain what body types there are, how you can recognize them, and which items of clothing make your body look great. You want that, right?

A Type: The pear figure

The A-type – colloquially also known as the “pear figure” – is characterized above all by the fact that the hips are wider than the shoulders and the waist is rather slim. As a result, people with a pear shape usually have a feminine figure, which is characterized by a large bottom and strong thighs.

If you have a pear shape, you should accentuate your torso and waist. You can hide your hips if you want. The best way to do this is by resorting to A-line skirts, fitted tops, flared midi skirts , and mom jeans . The best way to draw attention to your waist is with waist belts or eye-catching details such as ruffles, flounces or corsages.

  • wide hips
  • narrow shoulders
  • big butt
  • slim waist
  • strong thighs
  • conceal hips
  • Emphasize the upper body and waist
  • A-line skirts
  • Pants with flared legs
  • corset tops
  • midi skirts
  • mom jeans
  • waist belt

H Type: The banana figure

The so-called H-type, which is also known as the “banana figure”, is particularly striking because of its slim figure and equally broad shoulders and hips. In addition, the waist is less pronounced in this figure type and the bust size and bottom are rather small.

If you’re also one of those people who have a banana figure, you should definitely emphasize your legs. This works best with mini and midi skirts, shorts and high-waist pants . These even visually conjure up some curves. Waisted tops and jackets are also perfect for the banana figure. When it comes to dresses, the empire line looks the most flattering.

  • slim figure
  • Shoulders and hips of equal width
  • straight waist
  • small bust
  • small butt


  • Eye-catching details
  • Create optical curves
  • emphasize legs


  • mini skirts
  • shorts
  • high-waist pants
  • Dresses with an empire line
  • Fitted tops and blazers
  • midi skirts

O Type: The Orange Figure

If you have a round midsection, large bust, and slim legs and wide hips, you’re probably an O-type—or “orange body.” That’s why you should make sure that you put your décolleté in the limelight when it comes to clothing. Tops and dresses with a V-neckline are ideal for this.

You can also emphasize your legs by wearing skinny and straight-leg jeans as well as skirts with an A-line. Maxi dresses , oversized tops and long cardigans cover the middle of your body and ensure a balanced look.

  • big bust
  • slim legs
  • round midsection
  • wide hips


  • Emphasize the bust and legs
  • Optically stretch the silhouette
  • conceal the middle of the body
  • V-neck tops and dresses
  • Clothing with flowing fabrics
  • A-line skirts
  • Skinny and straight leg jeans
  • open blazers
  • long cardigans
  • maxi dresses
  • Oversized tops

V Type: The apple figure

The V-type, also known as the “apple figure”, is characterized by an athletic torso and shoulders that are as broad as the hips. The waist is not so pronounced in this type of figure. Most people with an apple figure have a medium to large bust size.

If you have this figure type, make sure when choosing clothing that it balances your upper and lower body. That’s why you can use mini skirts and dresses to draw attention to your lower body. Tops and dresses with V-necks and blazers are also ideal for this figure type. Flowing fabrics and dynamic details also flatter the apple figure.

  • Hips narrower than shoulders
  • athletic torso
  • slim legs
  • medium to large bust size
  • Balance upper and lower body
  • Focus on lower body
  • Emphasize bust size
  • Make your upper body look slimmer
  • mini dresses
  • sample
  • flounces
  • V-necks
  • blazer
  • Flowy fabric tops

X-Type: The hourglass figure

The hourglass figure is also often called “X-type”. With this type of figure, the shoulders are as wide as the hips. What sets her apart from the banana figure is the waist. This is very pronounced in the hourglass figure. In addition, this figure usually has a large bust and a round bottom.

If you have an hourglass figure, you should definitely accentuate your waist. This works best with figure-hugging clothing. Pencil skirts and A-line skirts also work well for this task. When it comes to dresses, you can confidently choose sheath or wrap dresses. When it comes to pants, culottes are a stylish way to show off your body.


  • Shoulders and hips somewhat the same width
  • slim waistline
  • big bust
  • big butt
  • emphasize the waist


Body-hugging and tight-fitting garments

pencil skirts

A-line skirts

Sheath and wrap dresses

corset tops

Fitted tops


How to effectively lose belly fat

Losing belly fat (visceral fat if you are a doctor or science enthusiast)  can be a real challenge because the bacon rolls usually stay the longest. Here we give you tips and tricks on how to permanently reduce your waist circumference.

Have you tried many things and still your belly just doesn’t want to shrink? There are a few factors that affect your success. With the right diet, the right training and a lot of patience, however, you will be rewarded.

Below we explain what to look out for.

This is the ideal waist circumference

First, you need to  know which is the idea waist circumference. It is different depending on whether you are male or female.

No doubt, a lot of fat on the stomach is not only unattractive, but also comes with a number of health disadvantages.

If women have a waist circumference greater than 88 cm and men more than 102 cm, the belly is considered unhealthy. Take a tape measure and see whether you fall on the health side or the other one. Matters would be worse if the fat percentage on the stomach is at 30-35% while the waist circumference is greater too. The optimal fat percentage should be 19-42% in women and 13-16% in men.

Below are strong reasons why you should lose weight on your stomach

The so-called vice fat – the layer of fat on the abdomen – has a negative effect on health if it is too large. Various diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes can be the result.

Even the vessels and arteries calcify due to the above-average abdominal fat. In the worst case, fatty liver occurs and the organs become inflamed.

1. Proper nutrition

It is important that you eat healthily and do not consume more calories than you should. Therefore, focus on your basal metabolic rate when it comes to finding the right balance between nutrition and exercise.

Pay attention to a calorie deficit, which you can promote, for example, by cycling or running , as well as climbing stairs. Interval training and regular endurance training can be integrated into your everyday life.

Avoid foods such as ready meals, wheat products, sweets and sugary drinks, and alcohol. In between, it can of course be healthy fat, such as from olive oil, linseed oil or avocado.

Nuts , such as walnuts or almonds, are particularly good for snacking between meals . Soy flakes, tofu, kidney beans, pumpkin seeds and lentils are suitable for supplying additional protein . Don’t worry – you don’t necessarily have to do without carbohydrates. It can be oatmeal, sweet potatoes, millet and other good carbohydrates in everyday life. And of course lots of fruit and vegetables!

2. You need to be motivated all through the weight loss process

You stay motivated if you set goals in between that you can also achieve. These can be ideas for a certain calorie deficit, for example, with a load of fiber and protein helping.

Last but not least, there should be no stress if you want to ensure a successful belly loss. Regular rest breaks can help and avoid long-term stress.

3. Targeted training to lose weight on the abdomen

For effective abdominal weight loss, you should incorporate the right strength training and muscle building into your everyday life. Intensive and short interval training should also be part of the daily schedule.

This allows you to increase your muscle mass and burn more calories. Remember that the full body workout is always the focus. For ideal training, you should therefore pay attention to all muscle groups.

4. Losing weight on the stomach by incorporating regular walking

Regular walking helps you stay fit and reduce waist size. It should ideally be 10,000 steps every day. So feel free to go for a walk instead of using the car. Getting enough sleep is just as important.

In the truest sense of the word, ” slim in your sleep ” is in the foreground. In between, try to skip the early morning coffee and drink lemon water instead. This is how you boost your metabolism.

However, sugar as a reward should be avoided. Maintaining a balanced diet is very important.

You can also boost fat burning if you integrate chili, Tabasco and ginger into your everyday life. Your digestion will thank you if you have delicious meals with linseed or psyllium in between. Most of the nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine.

Nadia Mukami Biography

We like to keep abreast (no pun intended) with our favorite musicians life – age, relationships, wealth, career, and any background information. Our focus today is on the sensational Nadia Mukami who blasted our radios and hallways just a few years ago. The songstress is a great vocalist and an awesome performing artist. She is one of those musicians you see on stage and wish their performance never ends. She is also beautiful, man.

It seems like her Embu and Kamba parent-combination served her best, just have a look:

Amazingly beautiful. Well.

My favorite song about her is Si Rahisi.

She was born in Pumwani hospital on the 9th of November, 1996 as the fourth born of five kids.

Her full names are Nadia Mukami Mwendo. Before deciding to use her real names on stage, she was Nadia Xclusive. Exclusive? I get why she had to change her brand name.

Nadia attended Kari Primary School along Mombasa-Nairobi highway where she sat for her KCPE exams in the year 2009 then later got admitted to Mount Laverna School in Kasarani, Nairobi where she attained a B+ (mean grade) which secured her an admission to Maseno University to pursue a degree in BBA Finance option.

Beauty with brains!

Shift from poetry and writing to music

Having given writing a try before deciding to be a singer at the age of 18 years, Nadia Mukami is indeed a true art lover. Growing up she loved listening to Sanaipei Tande and Ray C. She later on featured her role model Sanaipei Tande in her song Ni Wangu. 

As with any successful musician, Nadia Mukami had produced songs before her fame. In 2015, she wrote and recorded Barua Ya Siri as her first song. But she was lucky to have her turning point with the second song, Kesi. 

It was Kesi that made Nadia to get noticed by players in the entertainment industry. With this song, she performed at Blaze The Nile Festival and The Luo Festival among many others. In February, 2019, she released a very successful song that gave her the limelight she is enjoying today. The song, Radio Love, she featured Arrow Bwoy who was to be her boyfriend two years later.

Nadia Mukami and her boyfriend Arrow Bwoy!

Nominations and awards won by Nadia Mukami

  1. Winner, Pulse Music Video Awards, Radio Love “Female Video of the Year” (2019)
  2. Nominee, HiPipo Awards, Radio Love “Best Kenyan Act” (2020)
  3. Nominee, MTV Africa Music Awards, “Best Fanbase Award” (2021)
  4. Winner, Zuri Awards, Finance Category (2021)

Brazilian waxing for sexual appeal? How to approach the pain-wrecking beauty process

Man or woman,  we al want to look great. Shaving is definitely one way we may want to look good. While most people love the hair in genital areas, not everyone does. Some celebrities want to look good in public. Since Azziad Nasenya became Tik Tok queen, her looks have greatly changed. But does she take pain return? Does she cope with waxing? We will get in touch with her and find out.

To look and feel sexy at the same time, ladies and guys should always be stylish and well-groomed. Different people use various methods for hair removal.

Brazilian waxing

While some of us may be good with just razor, for others it is never enough. Brazilian waxing, is the the complete removal of all pubic hair in the genital area with the help of hot wax.

This method is offered in special waxing studios, but also in many cosmetic studios. If you have never had a Brazilian waxing done, it is best to ask your trusted beautician about the offer or ask a waxing studio to explain the procedure to you. Since, as Eva Longoria will also know, the hair root is also removed, the treatment is rarely completely painless.

If you have a very low pain threshold, you can therefore consider having the Brazilian waxing done in several sessions. In general, all hair in the genital area, including that on the labia and in the buttock fold, is removed. But even if the original form of Brazilian waxing provides for complete hair removal, in the event that you do not want to leave all your hair, now mostly modified forms are offered.

Brazilian waxing: which variant do you prefer?

The spectrum ranges from the whole (Hollywood Cut) to the Brazilian Landing Strip (a narrow vertical strip is left over the labia) to the Brazilian Triangle (a small triangle remains) and any desired shapes. Each person has their unique preferences. No matter what you choose: Remember that you always come to the waxing appointment with a little extra clothing and do not wear pants that are too tight the day after.

After the hair removal, your skin in the pubic area is ultimately quite sensitive and irritation, reddening of the skin and inflammation can quickly occur if clothing is too tight. Please also note that your pubic hair should always be at least 0.5 centimeters long so that the hair can also be caught by the wax.

Then take good care of the skin

After the Brazilian waxing treatment, it is also important to treat the skin with a cooling and soothing cream and to avoid ingrown hairs through regular peeling. But be careful: do not use peelings on the same day of your waxing appointment, otherwise you will irritate the skin too much.

Surprise your beloved with a clean and smooth “private”. No doubt they will love it.

Inspiration: What does Nairobi have to offer for travellers?

After making money online or from any other investments, we need a break. For most people, that is travelling to new places or visiting new areas within your town.
You may be doing it for the first time or in a repeat process.
Maybe you are planning to visit Kenya for the first time and you need inspirations to motivate you to make that visa application.
Whichever the case.
Your money has also been taken into consideration, the suggested places won’t break your budget, regardless of whether you are a local or international tourist.
Below are some of the things you can do in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, the city in the sun, a place of cold waters. East Africa’s favorite for investors.

Visit Karura Forest

There is so much you can do in Karura forest. Other than enjoying nature, you can engage in activities such as running, walking, or bike riding. You will also get an opportunity to learn about the different types of plants, native to Kenya. Most of the plants are labelled with their scientific names, so this will be quite easy for you if you are a botanist.
If you love unaltered natural beauty, then Karura forest is welcome to you. When visiting a natural habitat or a picnic site, adhere to the principal “Leave nothing behind but footprints, take nothing away but memories.”

You can do these activities in Nairobi’s Karura forest:
  • Walking
  • Jogging (5-, 10- and 15km trails are marked along forests paths)
  • Tree-Planting
  • Just Sitting
  • Bird-watching
  • Dog-walking (on-leash, except in designated sign-posted areas)
  • Gathering in designated areas for any number of events: Educational tours, Concerts, Weddings, Team-Building,
  • Exhibitions, Dog-training, Sport & Fitness…
  • Horse-riding
  • Mountain-biking
  • Tennis (at the KFEET Centre grounds)

Go visit the giraffes at Giraffe Manor

If you wan to have some fun in Nairobi, then the Giraffe Manor should be in your Wishlist. These conservation center is so unique with elegant interiors, well-designed terraces and courtyards. Its aesthetics are so appealing along with an opportunity to share meals with the giraffes. Have you ever done that? Then do it.

Get up close with animals at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage

Have you ever got close to wild animals? The Nairobi Animal Orphanage provides that lifetime opportunity. You can visit the plac between 8am and 6pm, with a few around sh25o if you are Kenyan. By walking around the orphanage, you will see animals such as serval cats, hyenas, leopards, monkeys, ostriches, lions, the rare Sokoke cats, warthogs, buffalos, baboons, guinea fowls, crowned cranes, parrots, and many others.

Experience the Kenyan heritage and history

Your best places here are the Nairobi Museum and the Kenya National Archives.
The Kenya National Archives records Kenya’s past. You will certainly be informed on Kenyan matters of the past.
The Nairobi National Museum is located just 10 minutes from the city and opens at 8.30am to 5.30pm. There are botanical gardens and an awe-inspiring environment.

See wildlife in their natural habitat

The single and only park in a city is the Nairobi National Park. That is worthy experiencing right? You do not need a visit to Maasai Mara to see wildlife in their natural habitats as you can do that within the city. The animals you will most likely see are the eastern black rhino, cheetahs, gazelles, Cape buffalo, Grant’s zebra, Coke’s hartebeest, African leopard, hippos and baboons.

Go camping and hiking

You can hike in Karura forest or the Ngong Hills Nature Reserve. You can go for teambuilding and sightseeing.

Get thrilled with ostrich riding

You probably have never had a thought of riding on a bird. With the the fastest and flightless birds, the ostrich, you can have it all at the Maasai Ostrich Resort, Kitengela (45km from Nairobi). This is located in Kajiado County.

Spend some time with the crocodiles at Nairobi Mamba Village

The place has the best indoor and outdoor experiences in Nairobi. Enjoy African-inspired décor and scenic gardens, where you will also get to see about 70 Nile crocodiles, which are arguably the largest crocodile species.
You will also see ostriches, peacock, and giraffes.

Relax at the Nairobi Arboretum

The Nairobi Arboretum is good for picnics, bird-watching, team building, weddings and corporate events.
There are also monkey species to see, such as the Vervet monkeys and Sykes or Blue Monkey.
What’s more? There are over 100 species of bird and over 300 species of indigenous and exotic tree species, zoologists and botanists are you there?

Have some fun walking at Nairobi Safari Walk

This is one of the best recreational facilities within the outskirts of the capital Nairobi. It is just 7km from the capital. Here you will see the Albino Zebra, Bongo and White Rhino.

GP Karting on Lang’ata road

Do you love thrilling adventures, GP Karting on Lang’ata road could be the place you have not visited yet. Race at 10 minutes sessions on the windy track, which is also available at night with a floodlight.

Ice skating at Panari Sky Center

The Panari Sky Center is located just a short distance from the Airport and the Panari Hotel is among the best rated hotels in Kenya.

Enjoy Nairobi aerially from the K.I.C.C Helipad

From the KICC’s top, you will definitely enjoy a picturesque view of the city and its close environs.

Interact with the elephants and rhinos at David Sheldrick Elephant & Rhino Orphanage

Also located in Lang’ata, the David Sheldrick Elephant & Rhino Orphanage  you will watch elephants and rhinos being fed. You can spend your day here if you like.

A Day at Ngong Racecourse

Ngong Racecourse is the only horse racing course in East Africa. You can come here and relax your soul and mind watching the horse races.

Attend the Amazing Cinemas

If you love watching movies, then Nairobi got you. The best cinemas in East Africa are located here: IMAX Garden City, Westgate Cinema, Imax Kenya Century, Century Cinemax, Nairobi Cinema, Century Cinemax Junction, Prestige Cinemas, Fox Cineplex, Anga Sky Cinema at Panari and Kenya Cinema among others.

Enjoy the night life

If you love dancing and music, there are so many night clubs and resorts that offer just that. They are way too many to be listed here.


If you did not see anything that is worthy your effort, please know that these are not the only things you can do in Nairobi. There are loads of destinations, restaurants, hotels, activities, walks, or view-taking opportunities. Visit Nairobi and enjoy doing things you already like doing or try completely new adventures.

Travelling to Kisii? Take note of the following

Kisii is a rather small place to explore but with richness in environment and people you won’t find elsewhere, of course. With dedication and hardwork, you can visit all the places I suggest within a day, or two.
The best places to visit in Kisii Country are not just luxury hotels and fancy restaurants. Being a highland area, there are so many spots you go to and have a glimpse of nature. All while enjoying the sound of birds, crickets, and livestock.
The place is also ever green. If you are from Kajiado, then you might find Kisii a worthy sightseeing destination. If you love nature, Kisii is your place. Even the natives stand back and behold when they return home after a long while.
With several ridges and valleys, Kisii country is a unique manifestation of a highland equatorial climate. An estimated 1.2 million people stay in Kisii’s 1,317.4 square kilometres of land. The county is also headed by a Governor as with any other county in Kenya.
So here are the best best places to visit in Kisii County.

1. Tabaka Soapstone Mining and Carvings

Tabaka centre is just 24 kilometres from Kisii town. Here, you will see how soapostne is mined and explore some of the best art that have found their ways into US’s elite people and places.
Tabaka is the chief source of soapstone in Kenya and the carvings here will be very affordable to you.

2. Manga Hills

Other than a picturesque place where you can also hike, it is the boundary between Kisii and Nyamira counties. The place is great for people that love landscape photography, or taking photos in general.

3. Nyakwana Falls – the only waterfall in Kisii

It is a breathtaking waterfall located in River Gucha which originates in the highlands of Kiabonyoru. This is one of the best places to visit in Kisii County for sightseeing adventures.

4. Kamel Park Hotel

Located just 20 minutes drive from Kisii Town CBD, the 5-star hotel provides state of the art facilities for a relaxation getaway. Whether you are an individual, a family, or a corporate entity, Kamel Park provides a service that uniquely satisfies you. It is a meeting and event place.
With amenities such as a spacious outdoor meeting and event space, 700 guests capacity for meetings, dedicated event specialists, an on-site business center, swimming pool, wifi, modern restaurant, etc. Hotel prices in Kamel Park range from Ksh5500 (55$) to 15,000 ($150).

5. Sameta Hills

From Sameta hills you can see Kisii town and beyond.

6.River Gucha

Again if you love nature, Kisii is your place to visit. River Gucha drains it water into Lake Victoria and has its source in Kiabonyoru, Nyamira County.

7. Nyangweta Forest

The forest is located in Gucha South district, with around 104 hectares. If you love a nature-themed travel, this should be among your bucket list as you will enjoy nature at its best – trees and birds.

8. Kiong’anyo Hills

These hills are ideal for those that love walks and hiking adventures.

9. Nyamasibi Hills

Nyamasibi hills has an elevation of 2170 meters. It is a place that offers exceptional hining and sightseeing opportunities.

10. Kisii Golf Club ( Erera)

This is a 9 hole golfing course that provides recreational facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, and a restaurant.

11. Nyanchwa Hills

Nyanchwa is hilly and a very popular estate within and outside Kisii. While here you can view the amazing Kisii town.

12. Night life in Kisii

There are quite a number of popular night clubs that will offer you just as good an experience as you’re used to, if not better. These include Mocha Place, Nexus Club, Big Man Bazu (BMB), etc.

13 Grocery or Supermarket

All the major supermarkets in Kenya always open a branch in Kisii. Currently, there is Naivas and other localised brands such as Shivling and KisiiMatt.

14 Market Place in Kisii

Most towns in Kisii have a market with two market days. The largest market is Daraja Mbili which serves the three counties of Nyamira, Kisii, and Migori.
Zion Hotel
Ufanisi Resorts


These are not all the best places you can visit in Kisii. I can tell you for sure that each destination will be uniquely fulfilling to you. All you have to do is to be armed with appropriate clothes. Always carry warm clothes. Use the map here to see the places you can sleep or spend some (and the suggested amounts).

Here Are Some Facts About Nakuru County

For those that love travelling to new destinations in Kenya, Nakuru county is a favorite. The county headquarters are located in Nakuru City (the fourth city in Kenya). The code or number assigned to Nakuru is 032 and the most popular places to go to in Nakuru County are Naivasha town and Nakuru city. There are many 0ther towns you can visit within Nakuru county such as Bahati.

List of towns in Nakuru County

  1. Nakuru,
  2. Naivasha,
  3. Molo,
  4. Gilgil,
  5. Njoro,
  6. Maai
  7. Mahiu,
  8. Subukia,
  9. Dundori,
  10. Salgaa,
  11. Mau
  12. Narok,
  13. Bahati,
  14. Rongai, and
  15. Olenguruone.

Of these, Naivasha is the most visited placed in Africa when non-capital investment is considered. The town has a lot to offer as we shall see later in the post. According to the country government of Nakuru, Nakuru is the fourth investment destination in Africa after only Dar es Salam, Kampala and Kigali. Interesting fact.

Things and places of interest in Nakuru County

  • Zip lining in naivasha
  • best hiking places in nakuru
  • places to visit in nakuru
  • picnic places in nakuru
  • interesting things to do in nakuru
  • bowling places in nakuru

Most people that seek places to visit in Nakuru are looking for budget destinations for recreational activities such as ziplining,
romantic getaways, picnic and sightseeing places, visiting Lake Nakuru, and trying to eat in restaurants within Nakuru county.
As a first time visitor in Nakuru, finding places to eat or sleep in Nakuru county will probably start with a google search and then a booking on Booking.com or Airbnb. Or, you just want to make a virtual online tour to see some magnificent pictures of the place you want to visit for some inspiration. You are justified. There’s no point of going to a place without an idea of what to expect.

How many sub counties are in Nakuru county?

While some sources report that there are 9, in fact, there are 11 sub-counties in Nakuru County. The county covers an area of 7,510 km². Nakuru town is Kenya’s 4th largest urban center with a population of 570,674. It was founded: 1904, and has an elevation: 1,850 m (6,070 ft). Nakuru county was part of the former Rift Valley province. Headed by elected governors, sub-counties are established to further decentralize service delivery. A sub-county administrator is in charge and is appointed by the County Public Service.
The following are the 11 sub-counties in Nakuru:

  1. Nakuru Town East
  2. Nakuru Town West
  3. Njoro
  4. Molo
  5. Gilgil
  6. Naivasha
  7. Kuresoi North
  8. Kuresoi South
  9. Rongai
  10. Subukia
  11. Bahati

List of Constituencies and their wards in Nakuru County

Nakuru County has 11 sub-counties which are further sub-divided into divided into 55 electoral wards.









Mau Narok








Hells Gate

Lake View


Mai Mahiu


Naivasha East


Nakuru Town West











Malewa West


Kuresoi South





Kuresoi North










Menengai WesSoint










Nakuru Town East





Nakuru East

21 Healthy Foods To Boost Your Energy When You’re Exhausted

Most of the times when you feel sluggish, your probably did not have enough sleep or you completed an energy-intensive activity recently. Whichever the case, you probably know what the solution to that would be — to rest and regain. But what happens when you feel tired and you have been having enough sleep?
The problem could be in many factors and one of them is the way you feed.
It turns out that you can be exhausted by your poor feeding habits without knowing how they are impacting you. Eating snacks, such as chips, crisps, and most other processed foods, could be negatively affecting you.
And you will be unproductive when you need to. Men, your woman will be disappointed!
Eating snacks is a common way to replenish your energy especially when you are working from home.
For those that work from the office, the circumstances are different. You may have limited access to food, with just a tea and lunch break.
Having worked as a freelance writer for years, I can tell you for sure it is something else when you are working few steps to the kitchen. When you have food in the house and you are one of those guys that can’t control an urge to eat, then the temptations to reenergize may be high, and so will the expenses be.
Don’t get me wrong, snacking is a good way to replenish your energy while working or doing (0r not doing) something as simple as following a series on Netflix. However, there are better ways you can snack up without harming your health.
You will effectively avoid feeling sluggish when you eat healthy foods.

Below are some of the healthy foods your body could benefit from

  1. Eggs
  2. Spinach
  3. Bananas
  4. Fatty fish
  5. Brown rice
  6. Apples
  7. Water
  8. Yogurt
  9. Hummus
  10. Edamame
  11. Lentils
  12. Avocados
  13. Oranges
  14. Strawberries
  15. Seeds
  16. Beans
  17. Green tea
  18. Nuts
  19. Popcorn
  20. Leafy green vegetables
  21. Beetroot

The bottom line

Different types of food can boost your energy, but it is better to choose healthier alternatives.
You can increase your stamina with the listed foods regardless of whether they contain carbohydrates or proteins. Carbos will offer immediate energy while proteins will provide the energy in a slow but sure manner.
Other than just energy, the foods I have listed are rich in different types of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Overall, you will not just be boosting your energy but also improving your immunity alongside other health benefits.
Go ahead and include some of them in your diet to boost your energy levels.
How often do you eat when you are at home? Is it healthy eating?  Which is your favorite energy-food?

How to Deposit or Transfer Money Between KCB & MPESA

You won’t have to withdraw money from M-Pesa, or physically travel to get your money transmitted into a KCB bank account.

Life has been made easier for consumers who need to access banking services. It’s now a few touches away; the main requirement being phone ownership and you are good to go. M-Pesa is a phone-based service enabling you to transfer money, make payments while offering micro -financing services.

It was launched by Vodafone Group plc and Safaricom in Kenya and has since grown to other countries like Lesotho, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa among others. To most Kenyans, this service has long existed but the transaction costs were inhibitive. However, the use of this platform has been popularized and intensified since the measures to curb the spread of corona virus were put in place.

With reduced baking times resulting from curfews instituted, it forced the CBK to enter into an agreement with telco service providers and banks to waive transaction fees on any direct deposit to the banks via M-Pesa.

These reliefs were introduced from 16th March, 2020 as a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19 by reducing human interactions. Following the agreement, account holders were able enjoy deposits that were free of transaction costs.

To access this service, you need to be a registered Safaricom sim card holder and a KCB bank account holder. Sending money via M-Pesa to KCB benefits account holders in terms of costs.

Before 2020, I believe most people didn’t know how to deposit money through the mobile money wallet platform but this agreement with CBK has seen most businesses and people get used to this alternative mode.

Most businesses have adopted it as it allows central collection of money at a cheaper cost as compared to other pay bill and till number provisions.

How to withdraw money from KCB to Mpesa

The KCB Mobile banking is possible through the USSD code *522# and via the KCB App. You will need either one of them to transfer money.

Deposit from MPesa to KCB Bank

To deposit cash directly to your account, ensure you have money in your M-Pesa account then go to the Safaricom widget on your phone. Select M-Pesa followed by Lipa na M-Pesa and enter the Pay bill number 522522 which leads you to enter a KCB bank Account no and amount.

After confirming all the details to be correct enter your Pin number and send. Safaricom sends a pop- up message as a confirmatory test that automatically finalizes the transaction. If there is an error in the account details or Pay Bill no there is an opportunity to stop the transaction by inputting any number and pressing send; it gives you a second chance to restart the process.

When the transaction is done you receive a message from both KCB and M-Pesa that notifies you that KCB has received the amount and money has been deducted from your M-Pesa. This this message it signals a successful transaction. Any errors at this point will require you calling Safaricom to reverse the transaction that takes as from 24 to 48 hours.

In conclusion, overtime, technology has made life easier for all of us. One way is the elimination of movement of people just to transfer money. You are now able to move funds from M-Pesa to any KCB account in a moment.

How to Get CRB Clearance Certificate in Kenya

A CRB certificate is the paperwork issued by Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) institution as evidence that a person or firm is not listed as a defaulter by any financial institution therefore blacklisted from seeking additional loans.

A CRB institution is licensed by the CBK to gather, keep and combine credit information on individuals and companies from different sources and provide information on request in form of a credit report to a lender. It helps show the status of the applicant’s credit listing. There are three firms listed by CBK as Credit Reference Bureaus: Metropol Corporation, TransUnion Africa and Creditinfo Kenya; this gives an applicant latitude on where to go to get this certificate.

Normally you are asked to provide a CRB certificate when you are either applying for a national government or county government job or seeking for a loan from a financial institution or when you’re running for public office. Lack of this certificate normally could lead to decline or non-consideration of your application.

To get a CRB clearance certificate one needs to apply via a licenced CRB firm with an application fee of Kshs 2,200, However, sharing data with CRBs is free. First time applicants are allowed by law to get it for free and pay for subsequent requests. We are delving into the three CRB institutions so you can choose the best option for you.

Metropol corporation

With a Safaricom line, you will dial *433# and enter your national ID number. If it’s a case of referral by a metropol agent input the agent number, or 0 if not. To complete the registration process, confirm if the details are correct.

You will then be charged Ksh 100 as registration fees through the pay bill no 220388 where you’re required to use your National ID number as the account number. Its then you will receive a message with a Crytobol PIN which you will enter in the Metropol website. On the Site, choose the option of ‘clearance certificate’ and pay through the same Pay bill Ksh 2200. A drop-down menu on how to download your clearance certificate emerges and you follow it to download the certificate.

TransUnion Africa

There are two ways to access this service; you can either download the TransUnion the Nipashe App on your android phone or Text your full names to 21272 or 21CRB which this will cost you Ksh 19.There is a one-off fee of Kshs 50 to pay bill no 212121 while using  your ID number as the account number. Proceed to pay Ksh 2200 by either Mpesa/Airtel transaction then email your transaction details to cert@transunion.co.ke and you will be mailed back your certificate.

Creditinfo Kenya

In their website there are forms that are provided for you to fill; there is an option for annual subscription for people who are in constant need of CRB clearance. Visit www.creditinfo.co.ke Click clearance report button if you have no outstanding loan or credit report if you are servicing an outstanding loan.

A pop appears on what you want whether personal or company and you fill in your details then submit. To proceed, pay to the pay bill provided and you will receive your CRB clearance or status report to your email.

To apply on any of this, with an outstanding loan you will need to clear it in order to get this clearance certificate, you can still get a credit status even with an outstanding loan or if you have no outstanding loan you get a clearance certificate.

How to Save for Your Retirement Benefits With NSSF Kenya

Retirement is a transition from active and constant flow of income to uncertain cashflow and increasing demand for medical care. National Social Security Fund (NSSF), is a pension scheme that enables you save for your retirement.
The NSSF Act allows both those in formal or informal employment to save for retirement as long as they can make monthly contributions. See more about how you can save for retirement if you are in the informal sector or self-employed. You have to be a member to enjoy the benefits that start to accrue the moment you retire or hit the age of 55. Such savings are beyond your reach even in times of dire need or an emergency. NSSF as per the Act requires the employer and the employee to co-contribute a general sum that ranges from Kshs 360 to Kshs 1080. One can check on the status of the account by visiting the NSSF offices, they are free to all NSSF members.

How to register with NSSF

To be eligible to NSSF membership, you have to be of a contractual age that is 18 years and above. You should also afford to make monthly contributions. After registering as a member (employed members) this allows your employer to deduct from your salary amalgamating with their share and sending it to NSSF.
Registering as one engaged in formal employment, one needs to visit any of the NSSF branches across the country. Requirements include a copy of ID or passport and a reference letter or letter of appointment from the employer.

How to pay or save to NSSF upon successful registration

You will be provided forms in which you will fill and after successful filling, you will be issued with a membership card. You can share the details with your employer to facilitate remittance.
You can also make your deposits as a member through Safaricom M PESA service by following this procedure;
On your Safaricom handset select Safaricom menu and go to Lipa na M PESA

  1. Select pay bill and input the business no ‘333300
  2. This leads you to account number where you key in your NSSF number
  3. Key in the amount you wish to deposit and proceed to input your PIN number and press OK after confirming details
  4. You will receive a message notifying you of your transaction.

Haba Haba Plan

Haba Haba savings plan was launched in November 2019 in a bid to expand the coverage of social security net to include all, both in the formal and informal sector. The target is the low-income earners and those who get payments daily especially in the informal quarter. This is facilitated through a USSD no *303#.
USSD *303# allows you to do the following;

  • Access the NSSF statement without having to visit the branch
  • Contribute directly to NSSF through MPesa
  • Allows members to make payments on behalf of other members

Haba Haba allows members to save a minimum of Kshs 25 a day allowing you and an option to withdraw after consistently depositing for 5 years.


To access these funds on retirement you need a release letter – retirement letter, NSSF membership card, passport or National identification card and bank account. This cover insulates beneficiaries after retirements ensuring they get a form of steady income after retirement. It may not be equivalent or match the previous salary but it will go a long way meeting your needs. Save up today with NSSF and be safe after retirement.